NetTerminal is a company dedicated to Payment Management and Cost Control of processing services.


Using Modern Technology, we provide not only payment processing services, but a software system dedicated to ease of use, installation and maintenance. We do that by striving to deliver more than the customer anticipates and keeping that up until it is the expectation and standard. What we do best is providing a system that keeps track of every penny collected and consolidating mountains of information into easy to use and modify reporting structure,

It can also be used to input data into other systems.

Although “Payment Processing” has typically meant credit card processing, we realize that all collections have to include cash, checks, and charges -- all of which are included in NetTerminal.   These are heavily dependent on manual processes that generate mountains of paper. Other major industries, like retail and banking switched to automated computer systems decades ago for many reasons, the two primary reasons were:

  • Efficiency (Read: Saves money, reduces manager hours.)
  • Tighter controls that greatly decreases the potential theft and errors.

Technically we’re in the Payment Processing industry, but to us “Payment Processing” means processing ALL payments; cash, check and charge. Our credit card and ACH check processing rates are fair and reasonable; our clients average savings of 10 to 40% compared to their previous processor. There is no such thing as a single “rate” that is representative of the actual costs. We can show you a rate table that is the real comparison between us and the previous processor, not a single “teaser” rate, used to make the sale with a deception. Our lower processing costs are across the board, meant to do just what we say: Save you money and treat you fairly. Beware those who offer a single rate, because they are not addressing the rates and fees that make up the real cost of processing. We know them, and that saves you money when using our service.



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