• By Date and Time.
  • Each Transaction automatically assigned a unique identifier/audit trail or transaction# including cashier identification.
  • Password protected using Windows Sign In.
  • Cash, checks and credit cards are balanced automatically upon drawer count out and over/short report issued.
  • Ability to do refunds can be restricted to specified terminals/users.
  • Refunds can be done at any terminal regardless of original cashier/user.
  • Refunds and Voids are tracked and reported to a centralized Manager.
  • Receipts are printed with customized information and facility’s logo which is needed for FSA and HSA accounts.
  • End of Day transaction reports are ran by accounting; No paper movement is required. All information is available in real time, any time, for any period of time to authorized users. Reports are easily customized.
  • Uses an internet connection with secure encryption that is built in to the card reader.
  • Discounts, if applicable, are calculated and deducted from the total due automatically.
  • Cash transactions indicate correct amount of change to be given.
  • Services, e.g. Co-Payment, Paid on Account, type of treatment, (Service Received) parking, etc. are selected from a drop-down list; the amount can be entered by cashier or be predetermined.



NetTerminal saves money, time and controls theft 



Transactions tracked by Cashier and Terminal




  • Receipts deposited at your bank the next business day on all cards, including AMEX®.
  • Data is output in .csv format for automatic input to included Excel® Pivot Table report or import into another system such as Accounting or EMR.
  • Deployment to any number of collection points is feasible due to ease of installation and extremely low cost; there is no charge for the software. The only charge is $270 for an EMV reader with Point to Point Encryption.
  • All charges, including tax, discounts etc. are calculated and stored for immediate access anytime. No transactions of any kind can be deleted.
  • Refunds can be managed at designated locations only or at all cashiers. Allows centralized control of refunds if desired. Charge card refunds do not require any cardholder information input or storage of cardholder data.
  • Each type of service or product can be assigned ledger account numbers for quick or automatic insertion into accounting system.
  • Due to ease of modifying reports, cashier productivity and other behaviors can be searched and identified. For example, types of transactions by user can be quickly identified, so something like excessive voids or refunds can easily be compared in a summary report comparing all users by transaction.
  • In addition to organized reports, individual transactions may be searched by name, Tran’s #, date and the individual receipt reprinted in seconds.
  • Literal mountains of paper, shuffling, filing, losing, and searching transaction information disappears.
  • Our Credit Card Processing fees usually save our clients from 10 to 40% per year.
  • Bottom line here is that going to this system is the smartest thing you can do.



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