NetTerminal is a comprehensive and flexible Point of Sale application designed primarily for managing Client/Customer payments in Service Industries, such as Medical, Legal Services, Education etc. which don’t require Inventory Management. It can virtually manage and issue consolidated reporting to track required information across unlimited sites and/or users.


          Manage  all customer payments -- cash, credit card, check


          Enhance   Loss Prevention control with flexible Reporting


          Consolidate   all payment reporting to single point of control



  • Installation takes about 15 minutes per PC.
  • Training time is 10 to 20 minutes per user or group.


  • Cash over/short reconciliation report requires only entering cash/check totals daily.  Over/short report is either by individual user or terminal





  • All Data, from any location, is stored on a mapped drive for instantaneous consolidated reporting for any reporting period required.   Communication is via internet.


  • All transaction data can be reported by individual users using a shared terminal automatically using Windows log in password.  Optionally, terminal can be designated by user or terminal total.









  • Our credit card processing is accomplished through Card Connect.  Card Connect offers many exclusive features, including Point to Point Encryption with Tokenization.  This places even large organizations, with hundreds or thousands of terminals on virtually the same PCI compliance criteria as small businesses.
  • Autopay sets up automated credit cards payments over time for weekly, monthly etc. payments without storing credit card data at your business.



  • Any Service/Product can carry a GL Code without user input.
  • Can be integrated into many Accounting or EMR systems that accept .csv format.
  • Custom reports for potential theft/embezzlement issues, e.g. Excessive Voids/Refunds by user, user productivity etc.
  • NetTerminal generates a transaction number with user id for every individual transaction.  Time and date are also reported.
  • Voids and refunds generate separate transaction numbers but refer to the original transaction   Will not allow a refund greater than the original sale.  Ability to generate refunds can be designated by terminal.


  • Refunds for credit card sales do not require credit card number if original sale was done on NetTerminal.  Original transaction # is required and can easily searched using the NetTerminal Search feature.


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